YAL Cypress College 2013 in Review

SFL SoCal 2013

It really has been an intense and outstanding year for our new but active chapter! It seems surreal that this chapter started with fewer than five people and is now growing at a steady pace, with a good reputation unparalleled by any other student organization on campus!

For the first semester (Spring 2013) we:

  • Attended the 2013 YAL California State Convention 
  • Participated in Pride Fest to advocate separation of marriage and state 
  • Hosted our first social meeting, “Young Americans for Denny’s”
  • Tabled relentlessly using the Jenganomics kit from YAL National

New Members

In the fall semester of 2013, we escalated our presence and capabilities:

  • Built a Free Speech Wall
  • Participated in Choose Charity by trick or treating with children in the community
  • Recruited new members
  • Attended the Students For Liberty Southern California Regional Convention 
  • Hosted a film screening of “Flex Your Rights”
  • Visited neighboring campuses to network and expand our presence
  • Founding member Andrew Vermiglio (our external affairs officer) also founded Liberty on the Rocks-Orange County. 

So in all, our first year in 2013 was a major success! And we certainly like to thank all of the State Chairs: Patrick Ryan, Ian Daily, and Deepak. And most of all we like to thank Adam Weinberg for making this chapter’s progress a reality. 


But we still have a lot of work to do to reach out to this generation with the message of liberty. We’re excited to continue to show the way to restore liberty and preserve it for all time to come. If this chapter could do it, all chapters can; there is no impossible. 

YAL @ Cypress College

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