YAL Debate at UW-Whitewater

On March 30th we had a debate with the College Republicans and College Democrats at UW-Whitewater. Myself and our chapter vice-president Zach Marks represented our YAL chapter and we debated the issues of gun control, foreign policy, and wealth inequality.

We had quite a bit to argue against. The College Republicans wanted to hand money and guns out to foreigners. The College Democrats wanted to take money and guns away from Americans, and tried to claim the Chilean fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet was a libertarian. I think the footage will show we did a pretty good job.


After the debate everyone I talked to said that we did the best, and this included people who are actually members of the College Republicans and College Democrats saying we won. In fact, even several weeks afterward the event I still had people telling me what a good job Zach and I did compared to the representatives from the College Republicans and College Democrats.

The last five minuets of the wealth inequality portion is missing because the camera cut out but other than that the footage is all there.




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