YAL @ DHS Showing of ’10 Rules’ Packs the House

This press release ran today in the Dixon Tribune, Independent Voice, Vacaville Reporter, Independent Voice, DHS Telegram, and Dixon Patch

‘10 Rules’ documentary showing hits capacity

The Dixon High School chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted a documentary screening Wednesday to more than just a full house. The classroom in which the event was held was completely full of students seeking to learn about their rights in police encounters. The club offered free pizza to those attendees who stayed for the entire film, and was pleased to see that students were actually interested and paying attention to the film.

The documentary, “10 Rules for Dealing with the Police”, was produced by Flex Your Rights, a civil liberties group dedicated to educating citizens about their rights in police encounters. The film covered how to handle oneself in police encounters ranging from traffic stops to home searches and pat-downs.

YAL member and organizer Adam Demaray said, “It’s a great film and is full of very simple, useful information that everyone should know. With that kind of showing, we are going to do this again next Wednesday for all the people that we had to turn away after we reached fire capacity.”

Demaray went on to announce that YAL will be hosting another screening on Wednesday, April 18th at lunch for students who missed this week’s showing. The event will take place in Mr. Tutt’s classroom.

Alan Stromness, the club’s social media officer, said that he would like to see a screening that is open for all of Dixon, not just students, and that YAL is currently organizing one. “There’s a lot of great information in it [the film] and it shouldn’t be limited to just the campus. We are going to get a community showing, we just need to finalize a date for the theater, so we’ll be announcing that soon,” said Stromness.

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