YAL @ Diablo Valley College secures funds to develops Economics Tutoring Program

With the student government increasing student fees, YAL @ DVC decided that they could allocate their student fees much more efficiently than the student government representatives could. With the support of the student body and several Professors, YAL was able to secure $2000 to develop and expand an economics tutoring program. What better way could we make an impact on our campus than by providing an essential service to our peers, all while developing relations with the staff and administration?

Our goal is to help students develop an economist’s mentality to increase their understanding of our economy and current events. With the Spring Semester/ Winter Quarter (depending upon your college’s system) set to start soon, YAL @ DVC strongly recommends that other YAL Chapters request funding from student government and initiate a campus project that could fulfill the unique needs of your campus. In the name of liberty, we are the best spenders of our student fees.

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