YAL Exclusives: Ben Sommer’s Newest Tracks

Ben Sommer, an edgy progressive rock artist who has been featured on YAL before, provides his newest releases for a YAL Exclusive preview. Ben Sommer

Sommer’s newest songs touch at consumerism, militarism, and cadaverism, all delicate issues for society. Sommer describes the songs as, “pretty ‘out there’ — compared to the rest of the album” and “more than a bit tongue-in-cheek.”




To listen to more of Sommer’s music, view his biography, and see more Sommer-related media, click here.

Sommer describes himself as, “a composer, performer, writer. I’m also a pent-up curmudgeon. I vent on political and economic matters in both my writing and my music.”

Thanks to Sommer for his working with Young Americans for Liberty.

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