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Bringing YAL to Montgomery College this semester was a challenge, because the college is not used to activism on campus. Working around the busy schedules of commuting college students proves to be a challenge time and time again. Our chapter isn’t large, but we are all very passionate about educating and promoting awareness about liberty.  

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No Government Intervention!

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Explaining the Deal, 6 Cups to pay off Debt!

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On the afternoon of Friday May 9, we made our presence known by hosting our War on Youth event outside, in the middle of the main three buildings on the Germantown campus. Setting up the event proved a challenge in itself, because originally our club wanted to host the event on the Rockville campus to expand our chapter and create an inter-campus unity. We found that the Student Life Offices had very bad communication between campuses, and scheduling an event on a different campus than where the meetings were held required dealing with a lot of red tape. Because of miscommunications and misunderstandings, we were unable to program the event at Rockville in time before the semester ended.  

We regrouped, and the Germantown campus was glad to host the event on relatively short notice.  

May 9 was the last day of classes before Exams all through this week. The weather in the morning was overcast and there was a threat of rain, but by the time we set up our banner around 1 p.m., the sun had come out and it turned out to be an exceptional day to hold an outdoor event.  We set up the pong cups and asked students who passed if they wanted to participate to pay off their share of the national debt, or if they were are aware of the War on YOUth. We handed out literature on YAL, and pocket Constitutions to those who passed, even if they couldn’t stop to participate. 

Those who did want to try their hand at the Debt Pong Game were met with challenges, mainly attempting to sink the shots while Big Government stood in the way: brought to you by a FatHead with President Obama’s visage. Then, once government was taken out of the equation, people found it easy to pay back their debt. Everyone who participated was encouraged to sign up for more chapter info and got a flier for our next club meeting, next Thursday after exams are over. They also received a tasty frozen treat, a much needed relief in the heat of the afternoon!

Since most students are local, and the club is relatively new, we will continue our meetings over the summer and try to keep participation up and get people involved moving into an election season this fall. Our next meeting will screen a series of videos on LearnLiberty.org entitled “The Hunger Games and Liberty.”

The game and banner attracted many people, who ranged from just curious to completely impressed by the demonstration.  Some people commented that using Obama was unfair because he isn’t the only obstacle of government standing in the way, but our chapter members were quick to retort that his head represents big government.  We made it clear that this was not an attack on Obama specifically, or his administration in particular, but that the function of government expansion stands in the way of solving this debt crisis, and Obama is a part of that.   

We had at least 30 participants who signed our sheet and want more information about our club.  By 4 p.m., we had a full page full of names.  It seems like my peers are more aware about these issues that we had thought, and seemed glad to have an opportunity to come to a meeting and discuss their opinions on the matter.  After breaking down, our club went out for a meal together and celebrated our first successful non-tabling activism event at Montgomery College.  We hope that a lot of the people who signed up come out to our next meeting or at least like our page on Facebook and stay up to date on our events.  

The future looks bright for YAL at MC, and fall semester will provide us an opportunity to solidify our presence on campus and educate, train, and mobilize our peers who are as concerned about protecting our liberty as we are. Thanks to all the sponsors and organizers who made this event possible; our chapter is very grateful to have had the help and support of the entire YAL organization!

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