YAL furthers the fight for Homesharing and Private Property

Cooperating with GenOpp out of Columbus, the YAL chapter at Ohio University went door-to-door in Athens surveying residents’ opinions of the city council’s recent decision. Lifelong residents of Athens felt that this was a poor and ridiculous decision and were very receptive to our promotion of homeowners’ rights. 
 Chapter members Sam Raptis and Aaron Dauterman showing off GenOpp swag which we distributed in order to advertise the event
We also advertised for a panel held by GenOpp to promote further discussion on the issue. The panel consisted of an OU professor of economics, a student senator and new chapter member, an entrepreneur who believes in the merits of the sharing economy as well as Abe Alassaf, who was issued a cease and desist letter from the city government for simply renting out his own home. The panel was attended by both Ohio University students and faculty as well as concerned citizens of Athens, notably a member of city council. 
Promotional material for the Athens AirBnB Issue from GenOpp, a partner organization from Columbus focused on aiding millennials
We hope to promote discussion about this issue further and get the city council to rethink their unconstitutional choice. We hope to establish solidarity with the people of Athens as together we know we can advocate for reform in this and many other areas in which the rights of individuals are being infringed. We have enjoyed working with GenOpp, and would like to congratulate Ohio Field Director, Justin D. Pizzuli on making one awesome event! We are also grateful for the support of YAL and its network, which we will put to good use in our fight for liberty and private property rights.
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