YAL Gettysburg Gives to Syrian Refugees

Throughout this semester, YAL at Gettysburg College has helped collect, package, and ship nearly 500 humanitarian aid packets to assist Syrian Refugees in Greece. The Gettysburg College chapter teamed up with the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Maryland, to make sure that these packages would reach their intended target.

Pennsylvania State Chair Jared McCully handing off a box filled with care packages to Chapter VP Liam Kerr

Most political groups on campus at Gettysburg tend to only discuss the issues and never perform any actions to help solve the issue. Many supporters of the Liberty Movement are typically profiled as selfish individuals unwilling to help others in need.

Gettysburg YAL’s actions hopefully can demonstrate that through VOLUNTARY individual donations, one is more likely to help solve an issue than through coercive government intervention. With these aid packages, Gettysburg YAL hopes to help alleviate some of the difficulties many of these Syrian Refugees are encountering.

By collecting simple items such as tooth brushes, soaps, toiletries, first aid supplies, and other basic necessities, Gettysburg YAL hopes to make a positive difference in these individuals’ lives.

Chapter President: Chris Condon (foreground) Pennsylvania State Chair: Jared McCully (left) Chapter VP: Liam Kerr (right)

Gettysburg YAL Chapter President, Christopher Condon, expressed his views regarding this activity stating, “We did this collection not to get more members in our club or to try and make ourselves look all high and mighty, but instead we saw that other human beings were in need of help and thought that by doing simple actions we could maybe make a difference. We do not need to be forced by the government to help out, but instead our individual moral codes can decide whether we should provide care. I think it is important that Americans are sending care packages  instead of guns, bombs, and drones over to troubled areas in the Middle East.” 

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