YAL greets Michelle Obama with truth at Eastern Kentucky University Commencement

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the campus of Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday to deliver the commencement address. She encouraged students to reach out to those with different ideological beliefs, and Young Americans for Liberty at EKU took her advice ahead of time and distributed mock programs highlighting her husband’s failure to protect individual liberties and allow economic growth. 

The program was designed to look like one that might distributed officially in conjunction with the event. People grabbed the program thinking they might get a preview of what Obama was going to talk about.


Once Obama began speaking, people holding YAL’s programs were shocked to discover that she did not, in fact, touch on how students could become too big to fail.


Obama’s actual speech was much more upbeat than the economic reality the graduates face.


YAL worked with the Leadership Institute to produce the programs.


The event was a huge success, with over 1000 of the programs being distributed to attendees in under half an hour! 

YAL’s protest was noticed by the media, including a story run by the Associated Press in newspapers across the country and a local paper.

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