YAL @ Grossmont plans for “War on YOUth” Activism Event, rest of the year

We are well underway with our “War on YOUth” Activism Event. We’re hosting our activism in conjunction with a town hall with Joel Marchese, Congressional Candidate for the 53rd District, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 13, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. The event can be found here.

Despite the mass deficits in our activity over the past school year, I think the events of the remaining semester — including, but not limited to, “War on YOUth”, the primary subject of this post — will help bring us back to enjoy the same gains we had last year, and then some.  I think we made a great decision to hold an event out in the Quad, for once.  Just the presence of all those chairs alone should bring traffic to our table.

The last school-sponsored event of the year we will be participating in, which counts for our campus involvement, is Grossmont College’s “De-Stress Fest,” where the school & involved student organizations collaborate to provide a stress-relieving atmosphere to help us get ready for finals.  Over the week, we will be responsible for playing movies in Griffin Center; and any titles that may not be suitable for all audiences will be shown in the Clubs Room, per the recommendation of the school’s Director of Student Affairs.

On another note, I turn 21 during the week that the De-Stress Fest is taking place in; and on my birthday, in addition to the movies we will be playing throughout the week, I will personally be serving ice cream, root beer, and root beer floats.  I do not know if we have enough money in our Club Trust Account to buy enough cake to go around; so if you want to help us fund our activities for the rest of the semester, and the rest of the year, we would ask that you consider donating to our YAL Chapter.

To end the year right, we just begun making plans for an end-of-the-year bonfire on June 6, after everyone is done with finals.  We have begun writing to nearby YAL Chapters to see if they wanted to get involved.

I am already feeling confident about what the next school year will bring!

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