YAL @ GSU’s Generation of War Event


We at YAL@Georgia Southern University were very excited to advocate our anti-war and anti-imperialist beliefs here on our beautiful campus. As per usual, we held our event in the Rotunda outside of our student union where there is a high amount of traffic. Because of our strategically placed table, we were able to ensure that we spread our message to a large number of students as well as a wide and varying demographic.

Pin the Drone on the Warzone

For our event, we combined the Pin the Drone on the Warzone game with the war memorial in order to attract and engage students. We offered free candy to everyone who played our game, and engaged in anti-war conversation for any who would care to listen.

YAL@GSU's War Memorial

Because of the size of Iran, that seemed to be the most pinned country, making it technically wrong — however, because of the US government’s aggressive attitude towards that country, we allowed for a little slack. 

There were a few former military personnel who disagreed with our stance who we invited to join us at our next meeting. Unfortunately, these veterans didn’t show, though a strong opposing viewpoint would have been welcome.

Playing Pin the Drone on the Warzone
For our follow-up meeting, we screened the film The Activists, giving a good start to some meaningful discussion on the US’ needless wars and imperialism.

The Activists

YAL@GSU had a great time expressing our anti-war beliefs and are looking forward to future activism events!



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