YAL @ Henderson State University is on the move!

At Henderson State University in Arkansas, we have been recruiting and learning how to promote Constitutional limits on government! We came into existence during the summer and have gained momentum during the beginning of the fall semester…one sign-up at a time. Recruitment excitement

We have spread the word to our friends that Young Americans for Liberty is the coolest club on campus!

At the National Convention, we learned the strategy of targeting those who are already liberty-minded in the early days of your chapter. Doing so gives you a motivated work force to build your chapter, and with that in mind we have held a “Like Ron Paul?” sign on numerous occasions.

On two of these occasions we have handed out flyers advertising our upcoming meetings. We have gained 19 sign-ups, including three awesome students who have volunteered to be our officers!

Recognizing the benefits of networking with and learning from established liberty activists in the state, we held a panel discussion with three amazing people. Each has made notable contributions to the liberty movement, from planning two “Liberty Summits” to co-founding and chairing a county Libertarian Party to being a delegate to the RNC in 2012.

Panel Discussion

At our meeting, two of these leaders role-played a conversation between a liberal and a libertarian on the topic of welfare. In our view, the Constitution never gives the government power to “redistribute wealth” in the first place, so every instance of welfare is unconstitutional. Of course, the libertarian won the debate!

Our panelists also addressed topics such as how to become a leader, what mistakes to avoid in promoting liberty, and how people with differing political views should treat each other. We were encouraged to continuously write down goals, continue self-study of relevant topics, and keep conversations civil.

As our club continues to fight for the Constitution, we have been inspired and taught by some of those who have successfully gone before us.

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