YAL hits the ground running at Grand Canyon University!

Our Young Americans for Liberty chapter here has only been holding meetings since January and turn out last semester left something to be desired.  However, I believed this all changed at our school’s club fair last week. Some of our friends from our school’s forming TPUSA chapter volunteered to help us out and we are grateful for the assistance. We set up our table with modest expectations, probably between 20 and 30 sign ups maybe 40 if we got lucky.  We were in for a shock. Nearly 100 liberty minded young Americans signed up and our table was busy pretty much from the moment the doors opened to when they closed. Everyone of us at the table was pumped for the whole afternoon and the students that walked by and talked to us were too. The amount of passion we noticed was great.  We had countless kids show up at our table asking us when we meet and telling us they couldn’t wait to get to work making liberty win! Grand Canyon University is truly excited for liberty!  We plan on doing some great things this semester during and this semester and are highly encouraged by the level of interest in the club. When it comes to the liberty movement, great things are in store for GCU!

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