YAL Hits the ground running at Lansing Community College

This semester, YAL @ Lansing started out by holding tabling sessions on both 9/11 and 9/17. Both dates are historic for this country. The twin towers were attacked on 9/11, and the Constitution was signed on 9/17.

Both days that we tabled, we saw huge outpourings of support for our group, and we managed to give out most of the pocket Constitutions that we had. While this was going on, the President and Vice President of our chapter were busy educating fellow students on what and who YAL is, what the philosophy of liberty is, and also how they can help support the local community.


We are very proud to say that YAL @ LCC signed up 21 people to join the cause on the LCC campus, with three of the signs-ups becoming members. This puts us at a total of five so far, and we are looking for and encouraging as many young students as we can to join us for some fun, learning, and community activism.

1st meeting

Remember: It all starts with You!

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