YAL Hits UW-Madison!

YAL at UW Madison had a great starting week! Tuesday saw chalking the sidewalks all around campus. We hit up the areas around the dorms as well as large pathways that showcased beautiful Madison scenery.

Chalking Around Campus

The next day we set up a tabling event at a dining center near the residence halls. We handed out pocket constitutions, cards about how to interact with the police, but most importantly, we had really good conversations with people. Self-ownership is a concept that people know, but don’t always fully understand. Our recruitment drive helped many to critically think about issues, including the War on Drugs and gun rights, and specifically how it pertains to self ownership and inalienable rights.

Recruitment Table

Conversations with People!

Finally, we hosted our first kick off meeting the night after the recruitment drive with success! We had freshman to seniors all show up to learn more about YAL and how to advance liberty on campus.

It was a great start to what is going to be the best year yet for our chapter!

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