YAL in New York City

Hello! My name is Kenny Zeng. I am the president for my chapter of YAL at Hunter College. Hunter College a part of CUNY, or the City University of New York. For decades, students who held libertarian views, endured criticisms from both the left and right. Specifically, at the City University of New York, where I argue is the liberal campus of NYC, we as liberty lovers have tried to hide our true views on liberty. However, starting in the Fall of 2017 semester,  I believe that is going to change.  More precisely, my chapter and I are going to try to expand the liberty movement at Hunter College. Our overall mission is to introduce ideas of freedom and liberty to all CUNY schools in NYC. Although I am a graduate student, I plan on chartering an undergraduate club, where our members will be able to slowly but radically introduce these ideas to the NYC community. At our team, we will have renown right wingers who love liberty. At the same time, they are mainly Economics, History, English, and Philosophy majors who will shake up the establishment of CUNY. Finally, I will discuss a brief biography of how I embraced the ideas of liberty. When I attended high school, my teachers indoctrinated me into believing that big government was the answer. More precisely, following the economic crisis of 08, which I argue big government caused, my teachers and peers who love big government argued that it was the free market which led to the financial meltdown. However, I would argue that their reasoning is a bunch of nonsense. Once I entered college, I began to read works which argued for the opposite of what my teachers told me. An example would include The Road to Serfdom. To sum things up, the failures of both the Bush and Obama administrations led me to embrace these ideas of liberty. Please do not hesitate to contact me and my chapter if you have questions. 

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