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In an article recently published by Newsweek, YAL’s efforts at the CPAC exhibition fair and the enthusiasm for Ron Paul’s speech are given mention.

Downstairs, in a subterranean exhibition room, dozens of organizations set up booths and passed out pamphlets on everything from public-policy graduate programs to the Freedom Doctrine. “I’m happy to see young people are so interested in conservative issues,” said Zaid Abuhouram [sic], a 19-year-old who worked at the booth for Young Americans for Liberty, a continuation of the group Students for Ron Paul.

Tim Schumann, 24, agreed, and cited Ron Paul’s Friday afternoon speech as one of the hottest events CPAC had to offer. “No one else [but Ron Paul] is principled,” he said. “Everyone’s here, cheering for the House leadership for voting against the stimulus. But where were they for eight years?”

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