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YAL Executive Director Jeff Frazee was mentioned in a news report for his response to Donald Trump’s statements about Ron Paul yesterday:

Hundreds of philosophical quizzes collected by student organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) found CPAC 2011 conference-goers overwhelmingly aligned themselves with pro-liberty figures Rep. Ron Paul and President Ronald Reagan. The quiz results contradict surprise CPAC speaker Donald Trump’s assertion, labeling Rep. Paul “unelectable” — a statement met with hearty boos from the conservative crowd.

Rep. Paul won CPAC’s influential straw poll last year with a historic 31% and is expected to run away from the field of conservative presidential hopefuls once again this year.

“If Donald Trump left his private planes and chaeffeured limousines long enough to interact with the youth of CPAC, he would understand Ron Paul and his message of liberty deeply resonate with students, the future of the conservative movement,” said Jeff Frazee, YAL’s Executive Director and Ron Paul’s 2008 National Youth Coordinator.

A bumper sticker from the YAL booth (also available at the YAL store should you want your own) also made it in the news:

Slogans abound at CPAC, and the Young Americans for Liberty booth had some of the most entertaining.  “We used to hunt communists; now we elect them”, “Boo Hoo! I’m so scared! Government, please save me!” and “The answer to 1984 is 1776” read several bumper stickers for sale. “I think it really resonates,” said Piyali Bhattadharya. “I think people kind of want a revolution of sorts, 1776 style, that will bring government back to its roots.”

Hopefully we’ll have more reports for you soon!   Tonight we’re gearing up for ‘Freedom’s Rising New Leaders’ and our second after-party event.  If you’re at CPAC, we hope to see you there!

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