YAL in the News

YAL chapters and members are showing up in the news all over the place for their activism and participation in electoral politics!  Here’s a sampling of recent news coverage:

  • The University of Illinois student newspaper devoted a full article to an upcoming event from Illinois’ YAL chapter.  The event is called “Flex Your Rights,” and YAL member Evan Gragg explained it is meant “to help individuals understand that they have rights (and) not to let government infringe on them.”  Read the full article here.
  • YAL at the University of New Hampshire made the news with a counter-protest for capitalism in response to an Occupy Wall Street event at their school.  Read the report here.
  • Libertarian financial strategist Peter Schiff spoke at UCLA, where YAL chapter president Deepak Sahni “said he respected Schiff’s theories because Schiff had accurately predicted both the dot-com bubble burst and the 2007 recession.”  Read more here.
  • YAL at the University of North Texas made the local paper for hosting a Students for Liberty regional conference on their campus.  Read the story here.
  • Quinnipiac YAL cosponsored an event with a death row survivor to foster discussion on the death penalty.  Read the full report here.
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