YAL @ Indiana University holds successful Recruitment Drive

Welcome back to a new year of recruitment, activism, fun, and liberty! This past week, YAL @ Indiana University had a very successful start to the new year during the Fall Student Involvement Fair at IU.

Recruitment Drive

Six of our members braved the heat and humidity competing for member sign-ups with over 100 other student groups. We successfully completed the day with 105 sign-ups and some interest emails! More than ever before, the students on campus seemed passionate and interested in the ideals of liberty and couldn’t wait to learn more about what Young Americans for Liberty has to offer.

Recruitment Drive

Following the recruitment drive, we had two separate meetings to further inform interested individuals about what they could look forward to by becoming an active member in the group. It was incredibly inspiring and motivational to see those who had been looking for this type of organization finally find their match!

The second meeting also functioned as our first general meeting for the year. We had some new students show up interested and were able to kick off the year having a highly interactive discussion about what liberty means to us. We also were able to brainstorm some different theme and activism ideas for the rest of this academic year.

Recruitment Drive

After a successful beginning, this next week we will be focusing on activism and further recruitment for “Constitution Week.” Here at IU we are so excited for what this next year has to bring and cannot wait to make a difference for liberty!

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