YAL @ Indiana University Southeast First Meeting

YAL at IU-Southeast had a extremely successful first meeting! With only eight liberty activists in the room, the atmosphere was on fire with newcomers expressing how excited they were to be apart of this revolution.

First Meeting!! 

We started out with members socializing, watching music videos, and eating Pizza! This strategy really set the tone for our group to be laid back and chilled. We gave brief introductions and dove right into our YAL Powerpoint presentation. This year we included more GIF’s, videos, and pictures into our Powerpoint.

One thing that really made the Powerpoint successful was the engagement of our members asking questions and expressing their opinions.

After the Powerpoint, we had completed the World’s Smallest Political Quiz which sparked a conversation about the issues that surround our nation. The meeting concluded with a drawing for an Apple TV and announcements for our next event- Free Speech Ball and Republican Debate Watch Party.

This year, the IUS YAL Chapter will go above and beyond!!!

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