YAL infiltrates ADP on Election Night

Nate Berg here, Chapter President at Indiana State as well as Indiana State Chair! On Election night, YAL got YUGGEE coverage here on campus. We have an organization called the American Democracy Project which is ran by faculty members in order to get students actively involved in politics. This organization hosts Pizza and Politics every other week and all of the political organizations and students involved in politics go out to participate in debates and whatnot.


On election night, ADP had a large gathering in the library, roughly 300 students. At the same time as this event, I, as well as another one of my chapter members, were being interviewed by the local radio station! I did a 2 hour interview on air about the election and what the turnout was. While I was being interviewed, I had 3 members at ADP passing out flyers and answering questions about the org.

After my radio interview, I went over to join the rest of my members and passed out flyers and represented the org! We got roughly 50 signups about interests! Our next meeting is the 28th of November and we’re all really excited to see how it goes! Once I get my interview off the skimmer, I’ll be sure to send that to my RD and hopefully we can get that edited and shared!

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