YAL Infographic: Obama’s Afghanistan Surge…in Attacks and Casualties

Infographic 1

Reports Antiwar.com:

Data on attacks by armed opposition forces and U.S. combat casualties since the U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan was completed last summer provide clear evidence that the surge and the increase in targeted killings by Special Operations Forces have failed to break the momentum of the Taliban.

It’s now more clear than ever that increased interventionism in the Middle East isn’t the road to peace and prosperity.  The president’s plan to send more troops bolster coalition efforts and produce stability in the tumultuous mountain country has only succeeded in bringing about higher rates of attacks and casualties, both civilian and military, than we’ve seen in years — yet Obama will not withdraw all of the additional surge troops until summer 2012, allowing for 12 additional months of increased bloodshed.

Some peace president, huh?

Keep an eye out for original infographics created by YAL’s designer, Justin Page Wood, to be posted more often on the YAL blog.  These graphics are designed to allow you to quickly and easily share the philosophy of liberty with your friends, family, and larger network — so share away!

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