YAL invades CSULA

On Thursday, November 18, we kicked off our Your Life Your Right event. We showed the students at CSULA that it is not ok to give up our methods of self-defense to the government. The 2nd Amendment was given to us to protect us, not only from criminals, but also from government tyranny. Once we give up our protection, we give them all power.

We were able to demonstrate this by setting up our dodgeball free zone, to which the law-abiding citizens ran for safety, but were met with defeat when our criminals did not abide by the rules and overpowered the defenseless victims with dodgeballs.

Overall, it was a successful event. We were able to get sign-ups for our chapter, along with petitions signed to abolish policies on campuses that restrict the use of weapons for self-defense. We also had a great time playing dodgeball and getting other students on campus involved!

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