YAL Invades North Carolina

Today, YAL announces our first major campaign project of Summer 2010:  North Carolina Campaign Bootcamp.

YAL invites you to join 40 youth activists in Durham, NC, from July 15 to 19 for a full weekend of civics education.  You will receive expert political training and hands-on campaign experience working for the campaign of your choice.

Inspired by the success of YAL’s Spring Break in Kentucky, this unique summer opportunity could be your big break to work for the r3VOLution!  In fact, jobs and internships will be offered on the spot to top training graduates.

For four nights, attendees will stay at the Comfort Inn-University in Durham, NC.  Thanks to our generous donors, for only $30, all YAL members who attend this campaign event will receive food, lodging, and materials.

Thursday night and all day Friday, attendees will study the techniques to build effective coalitions, manage volunteers, and turn out the vote on Election Day to send Washington a message in 2010.

For the remainder of this bootcamp, graduates will utilize their classroom training in the field, as they volunteer for the local candidates of their choice.

All YAL members are invited to apply, and admission is only $30.  All lodging, meals, training, materials, and transportation within North Carolina is provided by YAL’s generous donors.  However, accepted applicants must arrive in North Carolina no later than 4:00 pm on Thursday, July 15.  For this reason, it is imperative that you apply to the training and arrange your travel plans immediately.

It is your turn to lead the fight for freedom in our country. Join YAL in North Carolina to gain real world experience, learn the best strategies, and advance the cause of liberty!


Student sponsorships will help mobilize 40 dedicated youth activists to participate in YAL’s North Carolina Campaign Bootcamp.  It is only through the support of generous donors that YAL can offer this vital training at such a low cost to students from across the country.

Each sponsorship is $150 and provides lodging, meals, training, and materials for a single student.  This is an opportunity to advance constitutional government and train young leaders.

There are fewer than two weeks until North Carolina! Please participate in this vital project and sponsor one or more student’s training.

Our future is at stake.  Join YAL in North Carolina for Campaign Bootcamp or sponsor a student to attend — and join the fight for freedom in America.

See you in the Tarheel State!

For liberty,

Jared Fuller
YAL Southeastern Regional Coordinator

P.S.  Contact me with any questions at jared.fuller@YALiberty.org or (336) 671-0351.

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