YAL Invasion at BGSU’s Campus Fest!

Today amounted to a successful recruitment effort at the annual student organization fair, Campus Fest. Which is a great reliever considering that when I went to the check-in booth about 40 minutes before the official event began I was told we were not on their listing.

After racing back to my car to locate my laptop and showing our groups approval from the school’s organization website, we we’re given an apology and we’re allowed to setup an additional table and claim our place. So as much as I’d like to point out a couple things about bureaucracy, I am very thankful it got smoothed out quickly and we had ourselves a table.

After finally setting up, we got to make some real headway. This is in large part thanks to two YAL friends, Mitch and Dominic, who like off campus but came to help. We had a large amount of freshman stop by who were eager to see a liberty organization on their campus. We also had those who were as unfamiliar with YAL, but dissatisfied with the year’s political climate. Those individuals made for good conversation about YAL’s mission. Many political quizzes and constitutions later, we had nearly 2 pages of signup. Most seemed excited to get more involved. A successful kickoff for YAL!

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