YAL is a hit at Kent State University’s Spring Student Organization Fair

On Thursday, February 1st YAL Kent State gathered crowds, laughs, and administrator concern at the Spring Student Organization with our “Free Pot Brownies.” Many students rushed over in excitement, only to be disappointed that our “pot brownies” were just cosmic brownies in a kitchen pot. While they were at the table, mourning the pot brownies deception, we pitched them on the ideas of liberty beyond the legalization of marijuana. Many student came up just to take pictures and share a laugh at our false advertisement. Eventually, student affairs administrators took notice and came out to see if we were handing out illegal substances on campus. After giving them assurance that we were not, they told us we couldn’t hand out free food from off campus in the student center without approval! TYRANNY I SAY! We obediently put the brownies away, but kept the sign up and an empty box in the pot to keep our attention getter for sign ups. We gather lots of prospects and handed out plenty of materials, the pocket constitutions are always popular! I love discussing the national debt and criminal justice reform with curious students, if nothing else, just to bring awareness to the issues that face the future generation.

I can’t wait to bring them all to the Cleveland Summit with us!

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