YAL is back at Jacksonville State

At the end of the spring 2016 at Jacksonville State, YAL was a respectable organization. The problem was that there was no one to keep the organization going since everybody was graduating. The liberty movement at Jacksonville State had seemingly died. It would have had it not been for a state chair by the name of Gordon Miller.

He found another liberty minded person named Gabriel Colvert. Although at this point we had a chance, we still had the problem of us not knowing each other at all. Also I had not even started college yet! I had no clue on how college worked, much less how to run a chapter!


We met on move-in weekend and we got started on rebuilding the chapter. It took a week for us to confirm our advisor, which I thought would be enough for us to start tabling. Well our “student life” requires that we have four solid members and a $100 deposit to rent a table for a few hours. We did not have those resources.


So our current state chair, Jeremiah Baky, mentions to me that we could participate in the screening of “Deep Web”. I knew we were not going to be able to recruit with the traditional recruitment table. Thus it should be nearly impossible to get to the four recruits necessary and put us in a catch-22. But we had the first amendment on our side and I knew that people wound want to hear our message. So on September 20, We went out into the quad, handed out all 50 of the U.S. constitutions that YAL sent us and we got 21 signatures.


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Gordon Miller for finding me in June and helping me get to the national convention. I learned a lot about YAL in those four days. I want to thank Jeremiah Baky for giving us support during this past month. I want to thank our chapter’s previous president, Mark Johnson for helping me get our chapter’s advisor. Finally, I want to thank Gabriel Colvert for his shared passion in this movement and for cancelling out some of my weaknesses while we were recruiting. Because of these people, YAL is back at Jacksonville State!

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