YAL @ IU Constitution Day Video

Last year’s “Unconstitutional Gorilla” was finally persuaded by YAL @ IU that the U.S. Constitution is a good thing.  He consequently adopted limited government as part of his platform, along with the consumption of terrestrial herbaceous vegetation and scaring people. This year, instead of trying to steal IU students’ Constitutions, he decided to be a help rather than a hindrance and helped us hand them out. Another political group on campus questioned the idea of handing out Constitutions in association with their group as a violation of the organization’s principles. Political conflicts aside, YAL @ IU had a blast educating their peers, like always! See for yourself:

Constitution Day 2010 | YAL @ IU from YAL @ IU on Vimeo.

Videography by Jillian Miers

Photography & Video Editing by Lindsey Ferguson

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