YAL @ IU Farmer’s Market Week 7!

YAL @ IU Bloomington is back in full swing and the farmer’s markets are now bigger than ever! We’ve started using the market to help promote our “Tom Woods Lecture on the Economic Crisis: Why, How, and What Now?” to the community. Now, with our new, spiffy “YAL @ IU” t-shirts we have begun to build even greater community within our chapter and a more respectful response from others.

We made some great allies at the market today, as witnessed in some of the photos. We were thanked frequently over the course of the market  just for being present there. One woman was so happy that there was a pro-liberty group that she asked to take a photo of us. I was really touched by some of the passionate support that was radiated toward us today.

Take a look at the photos to see what I mean:







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