YAL @ IU Farmer’s Market Week 8!

Yet another Saturday well spent at the farmer’s market, reminding those in the community to come out to see Tom Woods on Tuesday!

It’s amazing where all the libertarians and Constitutionalists have been hiding in this socialist-leaning town. One man that we met had actually signed on to our Ron Paul petition over the summer, had received an email about Tom Woods coming to IU, and actually donated money to us to reserve a seat for himself and his wife! It was so refreshing to connect with a townie who listens to lectures on Mises.org and invests in precious metals! In Bloomington!?  Who knew! Here are just a few of the locals who were extremely excited to find us at the market today:



We even made friends with a local farmer who offered us a deal on his tomatoes in the name of liberty.


We also spotted an individualist super hero who looked very similar to our Treasurer (hint hint):


He lurks in secret,


and when trouble is spotted, he jolts!


Saving the market from government tyranny!


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