YAL @ IU Hosts Liberty in North Korea

LiNK at YAL @ IU

YAL @ Indiana University has ended its spring semester activities by hosting representatives from the group LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). Two individuals from the group traveled to IU and gave an informative and inspiring presentation to our audience over over twenty students! They spoke on the the challenges North Koreans are facing within their country, changes occurring, and the ways we can help! 

LiNK nomad giving presentation

Liberty in North Korea is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to continue to increase awareness of the problems faced by North Korean citizens and empower them to drive change within their country. This is done by fundraising, offering refugee rescues and resettlement support to the people, and by hosting events.

One of the outreach and awareness efforts initiated by this group is by sending out small groups of “nomads” to various college campuses and locations to give a small and informative presentation on the organization and its events. If you are interested in learning more and possibly helping out, visit LiNK’s website.

YAL @ IU has closed our spring activism on a great note and can’t wait to continue in the fall!

Note: Unfortunately two of the LiNK reps who came to speak at YAL @ IU as well as one more have passed away in a tragic car accident. There is a memorial fund for the three to raise money for the grieving families and provide immediate financial assistance. If you are interested in making a donation to these families, you can also do so on the LiNK website.

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