YAL @ IU Joins Forces with Wild Gorilla for Constitution Day

Constitution Day holds a special place in the hearts of limited government advocates, but little did we know that some other great apes share this passion as well. About 20 minutes into our Constitution Day event, a thick, black-coated gorilla came bike pedaling down the road, something completely unheard of, stopped at our table, hopped off the bike, and started enthusiastically handing out US Constitutions to passer-by students. And to think Ron Paul once said “What’s going on here?” after explaining how the US borrows money from foreign nations to funds dictators who overthrow democracies while we simultaneously attempt to install them elsewhere through military force. Imagine what his response might be after getting handed a Constitution by a gorilla. I’m guessing that it would be positive, yet rather perplexing at first.


I guess the real question is, why do gorillas understand the merits of the US Constitution while our elected officials don’t? I guess we aught to take a second look at Planet of the Apes.


It can never hurt to remind those who are employed by the government school why their job is illegal…


…or why minimum wage actually hurts the delivery man.


Or why Constitution goes well with grilled cheese.


But it is important to remind people what their rights are, and what the government’s rights aren’t. Even if they’re just driving by to pick up a friend…


…or rushing off to their next class.


It never matters until it’s too late.


It’s often been said that ideas change people,


and even if it’s got to be done one mind at a time,


regardless of how long it takes, truth will win out in the end.


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