YAL @ IUK Celebrates a Great YALoween!

On October 27, from 1:00 PM – 6:30 PM, YAL @ IUK had the privilege of celebrating a great YALoween with the students of Indiana University Kokomo! As you can see, the headstones turned out really well and the turnout was fantastic!

Headstones turned out great!

If you notice, our headstones dealt primarily with civil liberties such as privacy, freedom of speech, and protection from unreasonable search and seizure. We educated students on the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, and Free Speech zones on college campuses. We had a lot of great students decide to stop by and see us, as well as a lot of new prospective YAL members!


There was at one point a large crowd gathered discussing different civil liberties and their significance, and everyone walked away with a better understanding of both libertarianism and Civil Liberties themselves.

Getting heated over Liberty

We even had a nice little economics lesson to go along with the candy we handed out. Simple, but powerful.

I would ask the student, “Which candy would you prefer?” and after they chose one of the two candies, I would hand them a candy of MY choosing. Inevitably they would appear confused and ask, “why did you ask what I wanted if you were going to choose for me?”, after which I would explain the difference between a free market (full of choices) and a socialist market (choices are made for you). Many students seemed to get it right off the bat.

We made the headstones using four pieces of large core board (purchased at our local Hobby Lobby) and a white paint marker (generally used for painting car windows but worked well in this situation). After setting up the table and our materials, the headstones were taken and placed in (arguably) the area with the highest foot traffic on campus. Even people who didn’t seem inclined to stop by were at least drawn in by the display itself.

During the event a staff writer from the school newspaper, the Correspondent, sat with us and wrote a feature about both the group and the event to be published on Thursday, November 5th. He took quotes from the members present as well as those who stopped by to discuss joining the group.

All in all there were nine sign-ups, and also the much needed publicity from the press. I look forward to posting the piece written about our group as soon as it comes out. 

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