YAL @ IUPUI: Debt Clock and the Constitution

YAL @ IUPUI’s activism project during Constitution Week was a blast. This year we went ahead and did something a little different. Instead of doing the Free Speech Wall, Giant Constitution, or the NSA project, we decided to do a giant debt clock!

Building Debt Clock

Debt Clock

We decided to do the debt clock to illustrate how unconstitutional actions have contributed to our nation’s increasing debt. Such unconstitutional actions include the establishment of the Federal Reserve, social welfare and insurance, and limiting the role of the state governments in financing certain functions that the Constitution left to the states ( i.e. the Tenth amendment).

Along with the debt clock, we also had a pie chart displaying what budget items take up most of the spending in our nation. Of course, the majority of expenditures come from budget items that could looked be viewed as unconstitutional.

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We also engaged students over a three day period in Taylor Court Yard from September 16-18. We passed out Constitutions and chanted slogans like: “Do you know how much debt you owe?” or “Do you know what your government is spending your taxes on?” We got a lot of attention and even recruited new members by engaging with the student body.   


Overall, it was a successful event. Thanks to all of the hard work our members put into making this event possible, we believe that we influenced students’ ideas on debt and how it relates to our constitution.

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