YAL @ IUPUI Recruitment Drive

YAL @ IUPUI has had an excellent beginning to the 2012 school year!  The first major event that we participated in was, of course, the student activities fair which at IUPUI is called the Week of Welcome.  

This event was very successful and we had a ton of signups, but we felt it would be tragic if we let all of the energy that exists at the beginning of the year to go to waste.  Instead, we tabled for two more days that week and held call-out meetings both of those days.  The turnout was great and we managed to find a number of new members who have since proved to have a desire to be more than a name on an email list.  We held a get together at a local pizzeria at the end of the opening week and the restaurant had to throw multiple tables together just to accommodate all of those who wanted to attend.

We tabled using all the standard supplies that make an effective activism table.  The Operation Politically Homeless kit, the Morality of Capitalism, After the Welfare State (when it finally arrived!), literature from the Future of Freedom Foundation like Jacob Hornberger’s “Economic Liberty and the Constitution,” and, of course, much more.  Our OPH poster started fresh out of the wrapper and is now littered with stickers which always manages to raise some eyebrows from how many are in the “libertarian” quadrant.

We also used an effective handout where one side had a copy of the Bill of Rights with “VOID” stamps on a number of the amendments and the law that “voided” them (ie: NDAA, the PATRIOT Act, etc).  On the reverse was the first few weeks meeting times and locations.  The tactic worked brilliantly and everyone who noticed them walked away with one:

All told, we held two meetings every week for the first four weeks and the hard work paid off as we managed to increase our signups two-fold picking up over 100 new interested students.

The increase in membership was substantial as well.  We began the year with around 3 individuals left as full fledged active members.  We managed to up this to 21 in the first few weeks alone which is an increase of 600%!

In order to deal with this growth, we created a number of new positions to tap into the enthusiasm, such as a Director of Social Media, an Events Coordinator, a Director of Fundraising, and more.  The positions were filled that week.

There is no time to take a break as Constitution Week is already here and many of these new members have been incredibly enthusiastic about being involved in Constitution Week.  So look forward to our next activism report!

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