YAL Kansas, AFP, and the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Protest

YAL chapters from Kansas University, Kansas State, and Washburn this weekend to spread the message of economic freedom. We started on Friday with a sign making party at my house. Alcohol, political disscussion, and activism never fails!

The following morning we got up early and went down to Kansas City to protest the Federal Reserve. Between YAL, Liberty Resteration Project, and our friends from Occupy, we got our message across.

And what would a Federal Reserve protest be with out the cops? We got a visit from the police but no problems occured. Afterwords we headed to the AFP office in Kansas City. We phone banked for a couple of hours to spread the message of economic freedom to the great people of Missouri. A few of our members did so well that they were entered into a drawing to see the premier of Atlas Shrugged Part 2 in California. The rest of our members were rewarded heavily with the famous Gates BBQ. Through our efferts we have built a stronger cohesion between our chapters, a healthy partnership with AFP and a undying message to our society.


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