YAL Kent State Takes Over Student Government

After establishing our chapter last year, YAL Kent State realized very quickly that our viewpoint was not being represented in student government. We watched as student government passed resolutions condemning the right to self-defense, broadly defined hate speech, and supported infringing on students’ right to make personal health decisions with tobacco products.

By the time Spring semester rolled around, we realized that we would have to act in order to protect our fellow students. I launched a “Hail Mary” campaign a week before petitions were due to seek the Senator seat for my college, collecting 250 signatures to gain ballot access. Despite a friendly competitor that aligned with me about 90%, I faced a serious swear campaign from the far left organizations on campus. Luckily; with a strong social media campaign, lots of posters, and social appearances; I won by a slim 4 points. My competitor was appointed to a vacant seat, creating another allied liberty-minded Senator. Our chapter’s former President and current Secretary launched a write in campaign for his empty college Senate seat, and won in a landslide.

Since our inauguration in May, we have created lots of allies and look forward to challenging some of the resolutions that may have otherwise passed unopposed. I have already worked to make student government more transparent and accessible by the student body. We may even have a chance to challenge the university concealed carry policy and the campus tobacco ban.

We look forward to a successful year of legislative victories in student government, and I see us fielding more allies in the Spring to make the next school years student government even more liberty friendly.

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