YAL kicks off at UNH-Manchester!

Katelynn and Monica in the Grotto

Here at the University of New Hampshire-Manchester, our first tabling event was successful with getting 3 people to sign up and join the student group. We are hoping to get more interest when we have a better location for tabling on the 18th.

Our chapter has also teamed up with the politics and society club to schedule events and plan to travel for the YAL State Convention in New Jersey. We have also reached out to Tom Woods to speak and plan on having a movie night that will explore the political implications of “The Walking Dead.” Our first YAL chapter meeting will be Feb 12th, where we will discuss the activism kits and brainstorm on how to get more interest in the group. It is an exciting time in Manchester, NH!

YAL at UNHM will also be attending activism events around the Manchester area to create support within the community. In the coming Summer months we will be very busy! As for now, we are still acquiring official status through the school and YAL. This will be done soon! 

Now, some of the failures and successes of our tabling. We were put in “the grotto” at the school for our tabling. The running joke was “I’m like Harry Potter, under the stairs.” This was a failure due to the happenings under the stairs. There was free food provided by the school to attract people towards the YAL sign, but because of the crowd that gathers there everyday no one was interested in coming over.

There were a few people who looked at Katelynn and I and then looked behind us at all of the students laying around and then walked away. This is the reason I see us being much more successful when we are not in the Grotto. One of the hurdles to get over when starting a student group is not appearing cliquey. If there is a crowd of people all talking to each other at a tabling event and not trying to talk to people passing by then people will not want to break into that conversation.

On the 18th-21st of February we will have two times a day that will be at the front door greeting our peers. This should be much more effective for recruiting then the former scenario. We will also have the Rags or Riches activism kit and the Advocates for Self Government kits (the smallest political quiz) to help us.

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