YAL members are about freedom, not labels

In August of this year, Forbes Contributor Bill Frezza wrote about the Young Americans for Liberty National Convention:

At first, it looked like many other student confabs—perhaps with less pink hair and fewer tattoos—but I noticed something different about these conferees. A fire burned in their bellies, the kind I haven’t seen since people of my generation marched against the Vietnam War.

Young Americans for Liberty is a direct result of former Congressman Ron Paul’s run for the White House in 2008. Even though Dr. Paul did not become the Republican nominee for president, it was this election that ignited a revolution with so many young people.

This was the case for me as well. I was a 20-year-old who looked at this as a historic time period for America. Young people of all backgrounds started learning what liberty really is. In the six short years of the organization’s existence, it has become one of the largest and fastest-growing student organizations in the country, with chapters in every state.  

“Since our founding in December 2008, we’ve experienced continual growth every semester,” YAL Executive Director Jeff Frazee said in a July 2014 interview. “Currently we have over 525 campus chapters with a national network of 182,000 activists. Our mission is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to winning on principle.”

The question outsiders often ask is — “who are these young people?” Are they just Ron Paul supporters? Is it just a libertarian organization? “No” is the answer to these questions. I will concede that Ron Paul is a rock star to many of these young people, and yes there is a libertarian tint to our organization. But the real answer to these questions is that the younger generation is determined to have an impact on public policy by implementing the ideas of liberty.

People who are unfamiliar with Young Americans for Liberty are intrigued by how much passion these young men and women have. This is rarely seen with the College Republicans and College Democrats.  This could be why many Americans, young and old alike, have left the Democrat and Republican Parties. This does not necessarily mean that they are joining the Libertarian Party, or any other for that matter. It simply shows the discontent that Americans have with their government and the two parties.

So, who exactly are the members of Young Americans for Liberty? You can think of our many members as a melting pot of young Americans concerned about their future and dedicated to freedom. Some of the members are more on the left side of issues, while others may be more on the right side of the issues. All the different “labels” that members may  have for themselves or for Young Americans for Liberty as important as the principles we stand for. However, what is important is spreading the message of liberty to our fellow citizens and supporting the work that YAL National and the individual chapters accomplish.

Freedom is on the rise across our nation, and together, we as members of Young Americans of Liberty can continue its spread.

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