YAL @ Millersville hosts Senator Mike Folmer!

In addition to our Free Speech Wall, for Constitution Week we hosted State Senator Mike Folmer, who lead a talk on the Constitution and medical marijuana. Senator Folmer represents Pennsylvania’s 48th Senate district.

Folmer Tweet

The event scored a story in our school’s newspaper, The Snapper:

“The U.S. Constitution and the Issue of Legal Cannabis” discussion and question and answer session took place in the Old Main room in Gordinier at 7 p.m. this past Thursday. Kaytee Moyer, president of Young Americans for Liberty introduced Senator Folmer.

The senator started off the lecture by explaining that he “focuses on the constitutional organization of liberty.”

We started by partnering with The Walker Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement on campus to host Senator Folmer for dinner.

Walker Center & YAL Dinner

We had the opportunity to chat with the Senator and ask his opinion on a range of topics, such as his 2016 presidential pick and what it is like to fight against your own party on bi-partisan legislation.


The Senator was extremely inspiring and passionate during his talk. He spoke on the use of medical marijuana, and he also discussed how large and overreaching our government. He believe it is wrong for the government to deem illegal a medicine with proven success.


He touched on how large pharmaceutical companies are lobbying against medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and how too often government sacrifices liberties and the good of the people for power.

One of the points he drove home was that medical marijuana is not for healthy people. He told us a pretty funny story about how when he was younger, in the 60’s, his friends always thought he was stoned because of his enthusiastic personality and his ADD.

We had 39 students show up to hear the Senator speak, and we recruited several new club members at the event. We even had our YAL state director, Justin Greiss from Elizabethtown College, come support our event!

Justin & Kaytee

Overall, it was a great success.

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