YAL Minnesota Partners with College Republicans in Support of Gun Rights

Last weekend, YAL chapters from across the state of Minnesota teamed up with the Minnesota College Republicans in celebration of our 2nd Amendment rights. We spent the entire morning dropping literature, then headed to a farm owned by a YAL alumnus from Iowa for a shooting day.


Shooting nearly nonstop for 6+ hours straight, some estimates show that we fired over 6-7 thousands rounds of ammunition from all different types of firearms, including AR-15s, 9mms, and 12 ga. shotguns. Before the shooting began, we held a basic firearm safety training to emphasize the importance of handling firearms with care. Many of those in attendance had never fired a weapon before, and so it was important to have experts answering questions and helping out wherever needed.

AR Firing

After the smoke from the gun powder cleared up, with shoulders bruised, we continued the celebration with a YAL/CR camp out and bonfire. In the end, more than 45 activists from both organizations attended this fantastic event.


While the mission of this event was to display our advocacy for gun rights, it was also an effort to begin building coalitions with groups that may not necessarily agree with us on everything — but are still worth working with for the issues we do agree on. It was a great opportunity for College Republicans to get to know the Young Americans for Liberty, and vice versa, and hopefully we can continue to work together on issues of economic freedom and personal liberty.

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