YAL MN: Spring Semester Report

YAL Minnesota tabled repeatedly throughout the semester, though if you’re interested in the two biggest events held in the state this semester, check out my previous post.  In addition to these on-campus projects, several YAL members attended local Republican meetings to introduce themselves and prepare to participate in the delegate system. Along with that, I personally attended an event at our state capital where a bunch of “right-of-center” groups got together. This turned out to be a great way to get our name established amongst some organizations that have been playing a big role in MN politics for a long time. 

The big story of this past semester comes down to one thing though: new groups. I’m ecstatic because next year when I make this report I know I will be including more than just St. Cloud State’s accomplishments. In one semester, MN has gone from 1 campus group to 5.

Needless to say, I expect MN YAL to be making a lot more noise these next couple years.

Kudos to Raymand Lee, Daniel Surman, Christopher Popov and Jeff Miller for taking the initiative to start a group on their campus and a special thanks to Tim Bertram, the president at SCSU. Tim worked really hard this semester and definitely played a big role in the overall success of the state.

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