YAL MN: Update

This past month has been busy for YAL in MN. We spent a lot of time preparing for the “Visualize the Debt” and promoting our state convention. Both turned out successful. If you haven’t already seen the report of the SCSU Visualize the Debt, event you can check that out here. We ended up making it on the front page of our school’s newspaper, the University Chronicle. You can read that story here.

The State Convention went above the expectations we had for the event. We packed a full room on a Saturday when it was literally MN’s first beautiful spring day — our movement is really dedicated!  Thanks to Raymond Lee, Eric Nehring, Chris Huxtible and Miguel Sewell. Next up for YAL MN is a Tom Woods event down in Mankato on the 13th, which should offer a great oppurtunity to find some liberty lovers down at Minnesota State University to get a group going.  


Continue to read more about the MN State Convention and see more photos from the event here.

I started the convention by talking about what YAL is about and how to get a group started. I also talked about campus activism. Tim (president at SCSU)next discussed social networking. Nik Ludwig, the C4L state representative, came to talk about the power of small groups. Finally, Noran Dillon, the chair for the MN Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) came to talk about how to get involved in MN politics.  






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