YAL: Montco Finally Enters the Scene

This is the first official post for Montgomery County Community College’s chapter of Young American’s for liberty! Before I get into our most recent, and first, event, let me briefly introduce the chapter.

We are a very new chapter in Pennsylvania, about forty five minutes of Philadelphia. I just recently joined about two months ago, and am already chapter president! Before joining, the club was inactive. I hope to wake things up a bit.

Before I got really deep into the trenches at this school, I wanted to see where the general populace of the school fell in terms of constitutional knowledge, so our first activity was a survey. I managed to pass out one hundred surveys, and the results were interesting. Of the 100 people surveyed, the mojority managed to score 60%, which, while not high enough, was not entirely unexpected. 

I lifted the test directly from the Constitution Center website. In addition to ten factual questions, I added four opinion questions to the end of the survey, that could only be answered with yes or no.

I was pleased to see that 72% of the students surveyed answered that they did believe it was a violation of the first amendment to censor offensive speech. This was a promising start to the opinion section.

The next question slightly disappointed me. The amount of people who supported and individual’s right to protect him/herself and their property in any way they see fit dropped down to 60%.

After that, my heart just about broke, and I considered leaving the state. This emotional state was a reaction to the question: “Should the contitution be alteres/restricted in the name of saftey?” The results were a dead tie between yes and no. 

Things were looking up, though, with the last question: “Do you support the war on drugs?” 55% did not, which was a small statistical incline in freedom-lovers. 

Overall, I was pretty happy with the survey results. Now it’s time to see how students react to the free speech ball next week!

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