YAL Movie Night at The Ohio State University

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at The Ohio State University hosted a movie screening last month sponsored by Victims of Communism and the movie was called a ”The Propaganda Game” which focused on the horrifying propaganda on the people of North Korea, by the People’s Republic of North Korea.  With only a few days to prepare we were able to promote heavily on Facebook via sharing the event and personally messaging friends and asking if they wanted to attend our movie screening with pizza, popcorn, and food. This event brought around 60 people in attendance which we found as a success considering this was only on a few days notice.

Some words of wisdom

  • Hard promotion of events should be heavily focused on a few days leading up to the event. Often times college students don’t plan out their weeknights too much ahead of time and this gives less time to duck out of the event and/or ignore you.

  • Always do a follow up the day of the event to make sure they’re still going to attend. Emphasizing that there will be pizza at the event is always a great selling point the day of the meeting because most people don’t have their dinner plans decided so your event is a great way to fill that void.

  • Looking back, I realized that college students have very short attention spans so make sure to watch the movie to make sure it’s interesting enough to keep people’s attention. So make sure the documentary/movie is exciting enough for people to want to attend the next time you host your next event/screening.

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