YAL MTSU Hosts Election Night Gathering at YAL House

On November 6th, the new leadership of YAL @ MTSU held the first event of the chapter’s new era: an election night get-together.

The student leaders and friends who gathered that night did not support either of the main candidates on the ballot, so it was a night to laugh, have fun, and begin to plot the course for the future.

The event was hosted at the “YAL House” which 4 YAL members lease together, right across from campus. We streamed election coverage and watched the school mascot election episode of South Park, ate pizza, had a few drinks, and rebuilt the social fabric of the group.

yal mtsu lead

Left to Right: Galadriel Robinson, former first lady, YAL BOT dancer, and fundraising powerhouse. Gabriel Harr, chapter Treasurer and TN State Chair. New member April, and new Vice President Adam Hinds. Standing: Tyler Parrow, new President and chapter leaders for over a year now. Christina, new member and first lady. Sitting: Eric Sharp, former President and former Regional Director and current TN State Chair. Man with Machette: Kirk Wells, quirky chapter leader of 2 years. Sitting in white shirt: Taylor Hull, the new Media and Communications Director and IT whiz. Standing in right corner: Marie Hass, the new Secretary. Sitting right corner: Kristin Breaux, former Vice President. Not present: Sierra Baker, awesome SFL Campus Coordinator and Events Coordinator for the chapter.

Tyler Parrow and I even engaged in a “transmission” ceremony where the “Most Outstanding Chapter in Mid-Atantic Region 2011” award eagle was handed to Tyler to represent the eagle that he and the new leadership will surely earn and to signify the closing of an era for our chapter and the beginning of a new one. It is a new era because all of the founding members are graduated or not involved with the chapter and the new leadership must carry the chapter forward.

With the new team installed and with the new President and Vice President having been trained at the November Youth Leadership School, you can again expect MTSU YAL to be one of the most active chapters in the Mid Atlantic region!

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