YAL-MTSU wins SGA Senate Seat!!!

Friends, I’m just utterly stoked to inform you that Young Americans for Liberty at Middle Tennessee State University has successfully placed one of their members, Christopher S. Burks,  in the Student Government Association as a Senator.  He already has several pieces of legislature written!  As far as I know, he is the only liberty-minded person in the Senate, but maybe this will be an opportunity for him to rally an opposition force in the current “lame-duck” SGA.  Here’s the official statement from the campaign page:

Dear friends,

I’m happy to report that we were successful in our campaign, but just barely; this was a very close election. I was elected into the 7th spot by 7 votes! 

I really have to thank Stephen Parvin and Eric Sharp for all their help in this campaign; I also thank all the YAL/C4L members that helped to spread the message.

Thank you also to all those who voted for me, and believed in the message of liberty.

Thank you all for your hard work and vital help.

In Liberty,

Sen.-Elect Christopher Burks

Our campaign strategy was simple since most students couldn’t care less about SGA; Name Recognition.  We flyered heavily all over campus and talked to over one hundred students.  The only two issues we talked about were not raising tuition fees, and if the student was smoking, we told them we would oppose the looming smoking ban on campus.  We dropped leaflets in the dining halls as well.  All that and we only won by 7 votes!!! Yikes! 

Victory is so sweet I need a dentist.  

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