YAL National Announces Mikayla Hall as Washington State Chair

I had the privileged of meeting Mikayla when I was a field representative in Washington and I am please to announce that she will be serving as the Washington State Chair for YAL. We asked Mikayla to introduce herself and here it goes:

My name is Mikayla Hall and I am a sophomore at the University of Washington where I study Political Science and Latin American Studies. I am originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota and, after spending some time in Indianapolis, moved to the Seattle area with my family in 2002. I have always been interested in politics, but was first introduced to the liberty movement in high school after reading about the Libertarian Party. It was the presidential campaigns of both Ron Paul and Steve Kubby that inspired me to get active and work towards real change.

Upon entering UW as a freshman, I co-founded a YAL chapter and now serve as its president. We’ve been successful in challenging the status quo here in Seattle and I want to help students on other Washington campuses do the same.

You can find her on Facebook.

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