YAL National Welcomes Kenneth Anziano as DC Chair

YAL National is fortunate to have so many qualified and enthusiastic individuals helping the cause of small government, personal liberties and sound money on college campuses – Kenneth is one of them.

In his own words:

My name is Kenneth Anziano, a junior political theory major at the Catholic University of America. I’m originally from Sayville, Long Island. I was converted to libertarianism during the 2008 presidential primaries while working for the campaign of Dr. Ron Paul in Palm Beach County, Florida. My favorite authors are Murray Rothbard, Thomas Jefferson, Aristotle, Aquinas, and Kerouac. We at Catholic are currently undergoing an effort to establish a YAL chapter here on campus and are eager to work with our liberty-loving neighbors as you work to establish yours. Feel free to contact me anytime via email (97anziano@cua.edu) Please join me in welcoming Kenneth to the YAL National team.

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